Monica C. Harris is a financial services expert with experience in retail and business banking and cash management, processing, packaging and wholesaling mortgage loans, packaging consumer based mortgage loan applications, investing in stocks, small businesses and real estate, and designing, presenting and managing life insurance and annuity cases for consumers and small business owners. 

Monica started her career as a retail banker in 1999 where she consistently received multiple consecutive monthly and quarterly top sales incentives and awards throughout the bulk of her banking career.  In fact, early in her career she announced her plan to resign and accept a marketing position in an unrelated industry.  This announcement triggered a bidding war between the two employers.  Monica eventually made a lateral move within her current organization to serve in their mortgage department as a processor where she was assigned to the loan officer who served the most challenged market and drastically increased the closing and turn-around rates.

In 2006, Monica was recruited by one of her retail banking customers to serve in the life insurance industry.  Soon after she launched Efficient Estates, a financial services firm that specializes in annuity and life insurance strategies as solutions to the financial problems of higher income earners who are trying to achieve sustainable generational wealth. She’s also the Founding Director of Royal Daughters of GOD where she directs the Scholarship Roundtable program, which focuses on producing debt free college graduates. Monica is the heir to an estate that she never received which is why she enjoys teaching financial and wealth literacy and speaking to groups about the realistic opportunity to accumulate and sustain wealth.

Monica holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a concentration in Finance from DeVry University, and is licensed as a life insurance producer and maintains a certification in annuities for Illinois, Georgia, California & Florida.  In addition to her ministry, Royal Daughters of GOD, and Director of the Scholarship Roundtable, Monica serves her community as an Ambassador Council Member and sexual violence support services (SVSS) Medical Advocate for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, board member of A Diamond's Heart, and a board member of Union Street Gallery.

She's married with two children and two bonus children.  Her and her family are members of The Emmaus Community where she worships under the leadership of Dr. Alise Barrymore.

Financial Literacy

What's My Buying Power? - Student Edition

In this 1-hour workshop students will:

  • Discuss career aspirations and salary expectations
  • Explore the difference between gross vs. net income
  • Discuss living options including home ownership, renting and real estate investing
  • Complete a mock shopping experience designed to apply the concepts of appreciation and depreciation

Many college students find themselves working towards careers that aren’t the right fit 2 – 3 years into their college careers. This experience costs those students money and time that they will never be able to recover. Juniors and seniors in high school, including some college freshman, would make more sound decisions around college majors if exposed to the process of reverse engineering how to acquire their adult lifestyle.

Participants will:

  • Research and document a career plan.
  • Assess their buying power based on their selected careers.
  • Experience a mock shopping experience based on that buying power.

Scholarship Roundtable Pre-requisite

This workshop prepares high school junior and seniors for our two-day Scholarship Roundtable series where students spend one day developing their scholarship essay questions answers and the next full-day applying for college scholarships. The Scholarship Roundtable Pre-requisite gears up students on the financial literacy components to researching and selecting the best college based on costs and potential return.

Participants will:

  • Complete the Scholarship Roundtable Application which explores the following: Top 5 preferred colleges, the tuition investment and development of personal essay statements.
  • Explore, calculate and discuss the funding costs of financing education with debt.


Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

We Beat Defeat!

Surviving and Thriving after a trauma is more likely to occur sooner when we own our truth and accept the call. You, too, can walk in confidence, love again, start a family, launch an explosive career, start a business and redeem all of your plans.

Learn how to Survive and Thrive.

Key Objectives

  • Acknowledge the source of internal stress.
  • Identify how it impacts your present life,
  • The process by which feel, speak & act,
  • And custom design a restoration process.

Key Takeaway

Witness, connect with and hear the firsthand story and strategies from a survivor who has thrived in life.

Who is this for?

Women over the age of 18: Your neighbors, sorority sisters, relatives, colleagues, co-workers, church members and associates

Speaker Snapshot

  • Raisedby paternal grandmother
  • Virginity lost through molestation at age 12
  • Started abusing drugs and alcohol at age 13
  • Kidnapped and raped by four men at age 15
  • Domestic violence started at age 18
  • Birth a fatherless child at age 22
  • Received GOD’s call
  • Started first business at age 26
  • Lost grandmother (mother) at age 26
  • Divorced, lost father and job at age 27
  • Businesses failed before age 28
  • Purchased dream home at age 30
  • Remarried a Man of GOD on 31st birthday
  • Launched private practice at age 32
  • Celebrated one-year in business at age 33
  • Answered GOD’s call

One Sheets


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