We are a socio-economic movement recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 tax exempt organization that was originally founded by Monica C. Harris in 2008 as a means to fulfill her call to contribute to the transformations of financial dependency to self sufficiency amongst families living in depressed communities.  The manifestation of her vision launched in 2015.

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The RDOG Scholarship Roundtable leads high school juniors and seniors in the development and execution of a scholarship application plan by assigning every two students with their own executive assistant, referred to as an SRA, who manages the process for them.    

Scholarship applications and the process for completing them can be an overwhelming and intimidating process for both students and parents. Students who are at the point in their academic careers where they should be applying for college are juniors and seniors in high school. This means that they are carrying the load of many social activities such as proms, serving in clubs, sports and other extra curricular activities, maintaining grades and many other student related interests.

Financing education often falls on the parents who also have many obligations to juggle. In many cases, students progress through their first year of college and find that they can’t afford to continue. Others continue and graduate with staggering debt, which suppresses their ability to realize the fruit of their labor.

Our services ensure that students identify with the financial investment required for acquiring a college education, give strong consideration to their desired career goals and select a college that compliments it, and design a map that is targeted at getting them through college with little to no debt.


University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign can have an annual in-state tuition cost of $31, 061/year including room and board; excluding books and meal plan.  

That equates to $124,244 for a 4-year undergraduate degree for a student who has a family income of $75,000 - $110,000. (1)

Assuming that the student receives a total of $22,000 ($5,500/year) in grants over the course of the college career will leave a balance of $102,244 to cover from other sources.

If the student and family are left to borrow this money and can qualify at an interest rate of 6.8% with a repayment plan of 10 years scheduled to start within 1 year of graduating (no delays) the monthly payment will be $1,176.63.

The total interest paid over those 10 years will be $38,951.14 making the cumulative payments $141,195.14 2 .

If the student and family are unable to qualify and/or afford those monthly payments, extending the loan term could help but it will cost you.

If the student can reduce the financial obligation by being awarded scholarships, also known as free money, the future of the student’s career will look much more rewarding.

Students are expected to attend multiple virtual sessions. Volunteer Scholarship Roundtable Assistants (SRAII) will design a preliminary schedule and gameplan, including 4 - 6 prep sessions, for students to prepare for launching their scholarship application journey.

This preparation includes the following:

  • Strategizing a plan of action with their high-school counselor or college financial aid representative.

  • Develop a scholarship application strategic plan.

  • Develop personal statements and general essays.

  • Develop student profile.

  • Develop community service inventory.

  • Design a funding plan.

They will also start a few scholarship applications during this time.  After completing the 4 - 6 prep sessions, students will be required to meet with their assigned Scholarship Roundtable Assistant (SRAII) on our Essay and Scholarship Roundtable dates to meet the requirements of the scholarships that the student has selected in their scholarship application map and calendar.

We are currently accepting 25 students at http://royaldaughtersofgod.org/scholarship-roundtable

Volunteer Needs:

  • Scholarship Roundtable Planning/Host Committee opportunity is a role that is shared amongst a team.  Ideally, each member is only assigned to 3-5 tasks maximum with most of the tasks being behind the scenes work where actually attendance at the roundtables is not necessary.  Each member of this committee will be acknowledged on select print material and in social media marketing.​

  • Scholarship Roundtable Assistants commit to serving 2 students.  There is a greater commitment in this role but it is so rewarding to take a load off of our students by encouraging and supporting them through accurately completing and submitting scholarship applications.  We are asking volunteers who serve in this role to be prepared to commit to some preliminary contact with the students, as well as, being in attendance on both dates.  You can expect to spend an entire day on the dates of the actual roundtables. Your prep work ultimately determines your time commitment on the date of the roundtables.  Also, these volunteers are required to adhere to background checks.

Please email the following, immediately, to be considered for volunteer service:​ Resume, Bio, or LinkedIn Profile

​Not able to volunteer but still want to support?  Click here for Donation and Sponsorship information.  You may also use PayPal or gofundme to make a general donation.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Scholarship Roundtable Assistant (SRAII)

Scholarship Research Assistants (SRAI)

Scholarship Roundtable Planning Committee Members (SRPC)

Scholarship Roundtable Volunteer Coordinator (SRVC)

"I was selected as a SEMIFINALIST for the point scholarship, which is $10,000!  I used some of the essays I did through scholarship roundtable!  Thank you so so much! ... through your program I was able to complete the application in record time! ... I was searching up possible scholarships to apply for, and this one is actually a **** scholarship which is similar to the *** scholarship in that it gives you support throughout the rest of your life.  It was on a list that I found, and I only had a few days to submit it but because I had a number of essays done due to SR, I was able to get it in in around 3 days."

- Anana Upton

Click here for the application.

Click here to email required documentation.

How to Join the Roundtable:

  1. Complete the application here.  (Must be fully complete.)

  2. Send the following to rdog@royaldaughtersofgod.org.

  3. Completed application: Each section must be complete.

  4. 2 letters of recommendation from a principal, counselor, teacher and pator/credentialed spiritual leader or manager/supervisor or sports coach

  5. Personal statement essay (This is easier to complete using the answers from the application.

Do not hesitate to contact our office with questions and/or concerns.  We are available on Fridays from 10am - 3pm cst.

Support a student who is unable to fund a seat


"...I wanted to inform you that I won a $1,500 scholarship using the essay that I wrote during Scholarship Roundtable which moved me up to the regional level and I just found out that I won that one too!!! So with this one organization I have won $4,500!!! And it goes straight to me, not the institution!"

- Roundtable Student

Thank you to our team of servants thus far:

  • 10 students

  • 39 applications

  • $191,500 estimated applications value

  • $7,000 in awarded scholarships

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