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Notice: All applications received after July 19, 2018 are being waitlisted until further notice. We encourage you to submit your application to secure your space on the list.

The RDOG Scholarship Roundtable guides high school juniors and seniors through the development and execution of a scholarship application plan by assigning every two students with their own executive assistant, referred to as a Scholarship Roundtable Assistant (Scholarship Roundtable Assistants (SRAII) ), who manages the process for them.  The SRAII is an advocate who supports the student's high school counselor and college financial aid advisor with the student's success.

Our services ensure that students identify with the financial investment required for acquiring a college education, give strong consideration to their desired career goals and select a college that compliments it, and design a map that is targeted at getting them through college with little to no debt.

Students are expected to attend multiple virtual sessions. Volunteer Scholarship Roundtable Assistants (SRAII) will design a preliminary schedule and gameplan, including 4 - 6 prep sessions, for students to prepare for launching their scholarship application journey.

This preparation generally includes the following but is customized between the student and SRAII:

  • Strategizing a plan of action with their high-school counselor or college financial aid representative.

  • Develop a scholarship application strategic plan.

  • Develop personal statements and general essays.

  • Develop student profile.

  • Develop community service inventory.

  • Design a funding plan.

They will also start/continue scholarship applications during this time.  After completing the 4 - 6 prep sessions, students are expected to meet with their assigned SRAII as needed to to meet the requirements of the scholarships that the student have selected in their scholarship application map and calendar.  Students also have free access to essay editors throughout the process.

We are currently accepting volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Scholarship Roundtable Assistants (SRAII)
  • Scholarship Roundtable Planning Committee (SRPC)
  • Essay Editors

Learn more here.

How to Join the Roundtable

  1. Complete the application here.  (Must be fully complete.)

  2. Send the following to rdog@royaldaughtersofgod.org.

  3. Completed application: Each section must be complete.

  4. 2 letters of recommendation from a principal, counselor, teacher and pastor/credentialed spiritual leader or manager/supervisor or sports coach

  5. Personal statement essay (This is easier to complete using the answers from the application.

Do not hesitate to contact our office with questions and/or concerns.  We are available on Fridays from 10am - 3pm cst.

Notice: All applications received after July 19, 2018 are being waitlisted until further notice. We encourage you to submit your application to secure your space on the list.

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...I wanted to inform you that I won a $1,500 scholarship using the essay that I wrote during Scholarship Roundtable which moved me up to the regional level and I just found out that I won that one too!!! So with this one organization I have won $4,500!!! And it goes straight to me, not the institution!"

- Roundtable Student

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