Monica C. Harris is our Founding Director and she is eager to present the following topics to your group or organization:

  • The RDOG Scholarship Roundtable: Striving to Deliver Debt Free College Graduates

  • The Family Fund: The Real Solution to Generational Wealth Accumulation & Preservation

This workshop prepares high school juniors and seniors for our Scholarship Roundtable program which capstones into a two-day series where students spend one day developing their responses to scholarship essay questions followed by a full-day applying for college scholarships. This pre-requisite introduces students to the financial literacy considerations in researching and selecting the best college based on costs and potential return.  It further guides students through developing a planning process specifically for funding their college education.

Student Participants will:

  • Complete the Scholarship Roundtable program application.
  • Develop or enhance their academic resumes.
  • Discover the required investment to attend one of their 5 top college choices.
  • Begin to explore, and hopefully identify, their desired college major.
  • Uncover experiences that they have which could be 
  • Formulate a personal essay statement.
  • Develop official requests for letters of recommendation.
Who is this best suited for:
  • High school junior and senior students (essential)
  • High school freshman and sophomore students (excellent experience)

"I wanted to inform you that I won a $1,500 scholarship using the essay that I wrote during Scholarship Roundtable which moved me up to the regional level and I just found out that I won that one too!!! And it goes straight to me, not the institution!"
- Scholarship Roundtable Student Member

"I was a SEMIFINALIST for the point scholarship, which is $10,000! I used some of the essays I did through scholarship roundtable! Thank you so much! ... through your program I was able to complete the application in record time! ... I was searching up possible scholarships to apply for, and this one is actually a **** scholarship which is similar to the **** scholarship in that it gives you support throughout the rest of your life.  It was on a list that I found, and I only had a few days to submit it but because I had a number of essays done due to SR, I was able to get it in in around 3 days."
- Former Scholarship Roundtable Student

There's an invaluable opportunity for wealth within a family.  Families spend countless hours gathering every year to break bread in the name of religious beliefs, personal accomplishments, national holidays and, most notably, celebrations of life.  The time has come to meet in the name of wealth and Monica C. Harris has developed a process by which any family patriarch or matriarch can inspire Family Fund gatherings. 
Participants will:
  • Learn how to make family gatherings financial literacy opportunities.
  • Learn how to use life insurance for more than burial and final expenses.
  • Learn how to pool funds together and maximize dollars at optimum levels within a family.
  • Learn how to create an education fund for future generations.
  • Learn how to establish the down payments on real estate purchases for future generations.
Additional Opportunities:
  • Develop a list of ideal Family Fund members.
  • Define member roles.
  • Develop a Family Fund action plan.
  • Design a launch plan.
Who is this best suited for:
  • You're the family matriarch or patriarch.
  • You host the family holiday gatherings most frequently.
  • You influence the decisions of both your immediate and extended family members.
  • You're prepared to coordinate and host your family gatherings, at least, monthly.
  • Church groups, sororities, fraternities, formal clubs/groups, The Craft, etc.

Jada C. Watson is a 2017 - 18 8th grade student at Parker Junior High.  She's served as a member of the National Junior Honor's Society, is a consistent honor roll student, a 2017 Money Smart Essay Contest 2nd runner up where she received her first college scholarship at the age of 13.  She serves as a Scholarship Research Assistant for the RDOG Scholarship Roundtable, is a member of the Polished Pebbles, a regular participant in the Girls STEAM Ahead program at the Homewood Science Center, serves as a volunteer for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and A Diamond's Heart, is an active member of the Homewood-Flossmoor Peer Jury of Cook County's Restorative Justice program and will be inducted to the Top Teens of America in the summer of 2018.  She’ll be entering Homewood-Flossmoor High School International Baccalaureate Honors program for the 2018-19 academic year.  Jada and her family attend The Emmaus Community under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Alise Barrymore where she also serves as a member of We Are (PG-13), the youth ministry. 

In this 90-minute workshop students will:

Many college students find themselves working towards professional careers that aren’t the right fit 2 – 3 years into their college courses, costing time and money that will never be recovered.  High school juniors and seniors, including some college freshman, could make more suitable selections of college majors if exposed to a process that reverse engineers the pathway to adulthood.

Student Participants will:

  • Explore establishing a savings budget.
  • Discuss career aspirations and salary expectations.
  • Select a college.
  • Fund a college education.
  • Shop for and purchase a vehicle.
  • Shop for and purchase a first property.
  • Explore all associated costs, including finance fees, with the aforementioned process.
  • Review the difference between gross vs. net income.

Bonus Round: Complete a mock shopping experience designed to apply the concepts of appreciation and depreciation.

Who is this best suited for:
  • High school junior and senior students (essential)
  • High school freshman and sophomore students (excellent experience)

    "I wish I had this info before I went to college."
    - Workshop Participant

    "Excellent Information!"
    - Workshop Participant

    "Need more time to cover more!"
    - Workshop Participant