The RDOG board comprises of members who

  • share a passion for the commitment to the RDOG mission
  • roll up their sleeves when necessary to help with the practical work of RDOG
  • have strong ties to the communities in which we serve
  • are diverse in age, gender, race, religion, occupation, skills and background, and
  • are willing to support efforts to raise money.

Meet our members: Monica C. Harris, Jeffery G. Harris, Sr., Brittany R. Leach, Vanessa Abron, & Ambrosia McClain

  • Monica C. Harris

    Founding Director, RDOG Managing Partner, Efficient Estates, Inc.
  • Jeffery G. Harris, Sr.

    Board Secretary, RDOG Field Engineer, CHC Consulting
  • Vanessa Abron

    Board Member, RDOG Chief Public Relations Consultant, Agency Abron
  • Brittany R. Leach

    Treasurer, RDOG Division Administrator for Research & Finance - Pediatrics, NYU Langone Health
  • Ambrosia McClain, PMP

    Board Member, RDOG Enterprise Pharmacy Operations Vendor Management Specialist, Health Care Service Corporation