About Us

We are a socio-economic movement recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 tax exempt organization that was originally founded by Monica C. Harris in 2008 as a means to fulfill her call to contribute to the transformations of financial dependency to self sufficiency amongst families living in depressed communities.  The manifestation of her vision launched in 2015.


Our mission is to increase self-sufficiency, decrease financial dependency and eliminate financial illiteracy by delivering a consistent and meaningful presence within the communities in which we serve that advocates the availability of immediate assistance in improving individual lifestyles through spiritual, mental, professional, physical and financial literacy.  


  • To become a community of at least 500 women who have been RDOG clients converted to mentor members. 
  • To establish a brother organization that serves men in a similar way. 
  • To have transformed 50 Chicago land communities.
  • To unite existing organizations and churches under the cause.
  • To operate a privately funded operation.
  • To be nationally sought out for transforming depressed communities to economically strong ones. 
  • To attract sustainable and meaningful career based jobs for residents of the communities in which we serve.
  • To improve appearance, quality and culture of communities that are dominated by depression and oppression.


  • The Woman of Noble Character referenced in Proverbs 31 is the model RDOG.
  • The RDOG is the model of the perfect wife who is firmly rooted in GOD’s principles and she possesses invaluable individual contributing characteristics.
  • The RDOG firmly believes that every woman is wife quality and therefore a RDOG.
  • The RDOG fosters financial literacy as a primary means to wealth accumulation.
  • The RDOG embraces a passionate pursuit for financial and intellectual wealth accumulation and generational retention.
  • The RDOG advocates for spreading awareness of wealth sustainability practices.
  • The RDOG fosters health literacy as a mandatory component of any generational wealth sustainability plan.
  • The RDOG favors natural and preventive health practices over corrective medical measures.
  • The RDOG is a favored force to be reckoned with.  

How we plan to execute our mission:

    • Acquire the land and real estate.
    • Beautify the community.
    • Provide sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities.
    • Establish & sustain a consistent outreach presence in underserved communities.
    • Instill accurate and monitored accountability between social service providers and recipients of those services.
    • Develop & sustain a group of 1000 vested women who are model mentors for the cause.  
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